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What is Rockhopper’s password on club penguin that actually works?


  1. Club Penguin Fan !!! says:

    Well rockhopper is real and is not a robot. Billybob controls him and logs on as him when his ship is docked. Here is the catch, even if you had the password, you can only log in if you have the computer pin. Meaning Billybob has a specific computer where he logs on as Rockhopper and thats the only computer that he can log on to.

    O and he is not a robot because you can have full length conversations with him.

  2. Antriksh Y says:

    First of all, Club Penguin is for children. They believe it is true, but all the newspaper articles, drawings, characters are fake. I mean, the ones walking around are real.

    But Rockhopper is a fictional character. There is no one there who got so famous. Rockhopper is just a story managed by Club Penguin staff.

    Also, the contributions we always give for the newspaper never work. They are fake. All are written by the staff. Also, it is a boring game. The free account is too limited. I don’t know why people pay. Nothing’s real.

  3. Brooke says:

    Im sorry but he does not have a password…. you see, Rockhopper is just a robot that clubpenguin programed on the website so sorry!

    When he WAS real it was PPPPPPPPPPPP don’t ask why.

  4. Ricky E says:

    Hes real i met him in the town ice burg plaza and i never found out his password but people say his password is rockhopperisland i never ever tried because i thought he was a fake!!

  5. gooddog152 says:

    Sorry but i don’t know his password.i will however tell you a few penguins names and passwords! tylerdude,pass tyler babymae,pass hannah and tylerman,pass tyler also tyller,pass tyler and tyler2011 ok one more cream1234,pass cream22. PLEASE DONT GET THESE PENGUINS BAND! i hope i helped.

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