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What are the chances of getting a barrows armor or weapon at barrows mini game in RuneScape?


  1. capn cabbage says:

    1/10 ive gotten guthan spear and dharocks great axe

  2. ? says:

    just radom you could speak to slim2003 he good at barrows tell him wulfy sent you

  3. richardsworst says:

    okay i heard from many people it was around these numbers
    but it is random i heard i many people getting couple in a row
    and i heard of people getting nothing for like 30 times in a row

    remeber you will always make money always get your kc up too 14+ and then you will always make profit

    and the reason for 14+ is because you get the karil rack and better runes
    kc doesn’t raise chance of barrow armour
    and ring of wealth doesn’t either

  4. huimom says:

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  5. Snake In The Grass says:

    It’s 10% per barrows brother you kill (killing other monsters wont increase your chances). So if you kill all 6 there’s a 60% chance you’ll get some barrows gear. So approximately 6 out of the 10 times you go, you’ll get something.

  6. Aaron M says:

    From my own reliable experience in ruenscape and barrowing I have done over 500 chest openings! I have had every barrows item from the chest and some 6 of one item.

    From calculations in my head etc I find that there is a 9% chance of getting an item.

  7. subzero.0015 says:

    Killing all six brothers will *definately* give you a better chance of recieving an item- good job :]

    As for kill count, I recomend getting at least 15-20: because if affects the amount of bolt racks and runes you get from the chest.
    (So even if you don’t get an item the runes and bolts always make you a profit of about 70k.)

    The drop rate of an item is extremely random…Trust me I have done barrows and have gotten 3 items in one day and no items for 30 trips. But, on average the item drop rate for me is 1/20.

    In the end though, Barrows is definatley a good source of profit and will make you rich even if you don’t get an item. Good Luck

  8. leo says:

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  9. exot0s says:

    approximately every 1/12 but that is approximate it might take you 20 runs to get it or it may take you 1. it is mainly luck tho.

  10. k_man_su says:

    Totally based on luck. The chance for me is 2/27 on average.

    Killing all brothers increases your chance.

  11. runescapehq says:

    hmm the chances well ive done like 100 runs and i havent got anything so lets see if im correct ull have a 1/15 chance of getting one but chances arent nothing if u have luck killcount is really important try getting the highest u can before u get low on food or prayer so u have enough for killing th brother in chest and to get out of there so get like 20-25 and ull get good profits believe me in those 100 runs i have like 4 mil eough for barow armour good luck

  12. Zimmy says:

    2 to 5 billion. =|

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