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How can you tell by the code if a michigan instant lottery ticket is a winner?


  1. Ptsie says:

    If you win $50 or more, the code will appear as a loser code. So please don’t just scratch the code, you could toss a million clams in the trash :P

  2. BillyKeller says:

    that’s a lame way to play lottery. where I grew up there were abbreviations for prizes i.e. the letters F-I-V scattered on the ticket meant it was a $5 winner.

  3. pdq says:

    You can’t rely on those codes.

    Just follow the directions on the ticket to figure out if you’re a winner. If you really can’t do that, just ask the cashier to try to cash it for you.

    These tickets have a payback rate of only 50%. In other words, for every dollar you spend, you’re only going to "win" back around 50 cents ON AVERAGE.

    At a 50% payback rate, this makes buying these the WORST bet anyone can possibly make. You will NEVER, EVER figure out any way to beat these tickets.

  4. CrackinStine says:

    Yeah, most scratch tickets have 3 or 4 letters on the scratch field, that reveal weather or not it’s a winner, If you ever see the letters "Z, P, X" and I think there is one more but I can’t remember it. Anyway If you see those letters your ticket is most likely not a winner.

    But, where is the fun in that? I mean wouldn’t you rather scratch it the traditional way, by actually playing the game on the card? Instead of looking for those letters. Take’s all the fun out of it.

    Anytime your in doubt of what you see, take your ticket to the store you bought it from, and ask the cashier to check it out, they will scan it and the machine will tell you if you won or not.

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